Bride’s Hair

The relation between women and their hair caused hairstylist to get psychology training.


The relation between women and their hair caused hairstylist to get psychology training. It is really possible to deduct a woman’s mood from the way she styled her hair. So, on the day they value the most what kind of meaning their hairs hold?
We as MKMODA, we talked with number one choice of the brides, experienced coiffeur Serhat Yalçın.

MK: Every generation brings their own style and improvements. That’s why each year is different from the previous. What are we going to see this year?

S.Y.: Every year trend changes. More sophisticated hairs are prevalent, naturality is underlined.
Courage is not always being different and flamboyant; it can be shown by being minimalistic too. This will make you feel both stylish and comfortable on the special day.
Face lines, makeup and the accessories are very important while using brides’ irreplaceable choice topknots.
Braids are also preferred this year. With this type of models representing bohemian or an innocent emotion, I suggest real flower bouquets or floral accessories.
My preference in a long hair is big curls or a relaxed waviness with a dashing and stylish hair accessory at the back holding hairs from the sides.

MK: The nature of woman, the disposition of the bride determines the choices. Emotions differ from summer to winter. What changes in the brides with the choice of the season?

S.Y.: There isn’t actually any distinction between winter and summer brides. With the correct choices and the suggestions, correct place, dress, hair and makeup both season’s weddings can be just like a fairy tale.
Winter brides can use every hair model according to the place. In this case, hair accessories like crown especially should be more emphasized, topknots are more preferred.
Summer brides can prefer pins or the like to feel freer.

MK: And the accessories. They too like all the other things on the bride should make the bride shine but should not make people forget that the real star is the bride. How should we use the accessories in the hair?

S.Y.: Every bride notices the crown first. Crown gives a noble and gorgeous impression. Both summer and winter brides can use them in every topknot model.
In the old times, when crown is used, you would prefer a magnificent topknot but now when you look at it, we have richer hair accessories. Crowns are preferred with more relaxed and curled knots.
The rule to pay attention here is to not overdo the makeup and the hair when using a crown.
In the case of short veils, the first choice with a basic bun is hair combs.
Combs are mostly used by brides who like simplicity and do not like accessories in the first place.

MK: What about veils, they are on the bride’s hair but also completely separated and there are too many to choose from. How is the hair styled in accordance with the veil?

S.Y.: Nowadays the weddings and the concepts keep changing. There are double layered, single layered, birdcage, elbow veils while also there are some brides that want its hair styled without a veil. Veil suiting and hiding the faults, adding beauty and the harmony between hair and the makeup are all parts of a whole.
The most important detail is the veil’s length. You should decide on the hair first before the veil. If they are going with a bun, tall brides can choose cathedral or chapel lengths.
If the hair is curly, not tied or with a half bun, elbow and fingertip veils will create a good image. Some brides want to take off the veil, in that case they need to ask the coiffeur how to do it or know how to put on another accessory. There should be as many hair accessories and hair models as there are veil options.

MK: As the wedding approaches, how does hair prepare for this journey?

S.Y.: Just like brides-to-be prepare the dress, veil, organization and honeymoon months before, they should also get their hair dyed or have the hair care done 3 months before, and if they do not have a bun habit, they should practice bun at least 1-2 times a week.
It is a difficult psychology for them to decide on everything 1 week before the wedding. I suggest them doing a final check on the hair color, avoiding veils and accessories and letting the hair be until the day of the wedding.

MK: Women and their hair are like psychology indicators. When combined with the wedding psychology and when happiness and excitement are added, hair too gets its share without doubt. Can you comment on this psychology?

S.Y.: Women and their hair need to be in perfect harmony. Because every woman feels good with their hair and the hair is the most important object for them.
The psychology of brides to be on that day is really difficult. Excitement, joy, tears, I see all sorts of moods in them. You should not say no to a bride to be even if her request is nonsense, you should think of her too. You need to convince her and find the middle ground.
Even if it will be hard for me, I engrain the idea of making everything perfect on that day for her and that there is no return first to myself and then to my team.