MK MODA ATELIER is excited to share its knowledge and experience of 20 years full of production with our esteemed customers. Our business has specialised staff producing wedding dress accessories and we produce original and exclusively designed petticoats, bride’s veils and hair accessories for the wedding industry.Thanks to its investments to catch up with the ever-changing global fashion trends, we are capable of adapting to this rapid change and manufacturing custom designs for local and international companies leading the industry. Customer confidentiality is important for our business and we have been acting according to this understanding of being solution partners in our relations with our customers.
Before long, we have become a prominent brand in our industry with our enthusiasm, innovative vision and sensitivity for quality since the first day of our foundation as a medium-sized enterprise. We are walking on and preserving our principles.MK MODA principles always involve high quality, precision in services and timely deliveries. Assurance for achievement and sustainability in manufacturing is honesty and quality and MK MODA operates on this very principle and will be at your service depending on the same values.

Board of Directors