Story Of The Bridal Dress

Bride remains the focus of the wedding photos and memoirs of the day.

Gelinlik Hikayesi

Bride remains the focus of the wedding photos and memoirs of the day. Although, it differs to every era and culture, Bride is remembered with the wedding gown she wore that day.

Although the color, design, material and ritual meaning of the wedding dress differ to cultures and ages, it symbolizes positive notions like purity, abundance, good luck and happiness.

In every era marriage and the wedding day were more than two people uniting their lives. It deserved a blessing and a ceremony, it was only natural that everything concerning that day was special. It was inevitable that the dress had to be special as the bride carried the hope, the future and renewal. When we speak of happiness, young girls imagined themselves at that day in that special dress and they continue to do so even today.

Even though, starting from the 20th century similar designs were widespread all over the world; before the mass production, different outfits were used as wedding gowns among the cultures and nations. In every culture wedding gowns had a deeper and wider meaning than that of a practical dress.

The wedding gowns continued carrying the rich symbolism, the best quality materials and the workmanship which made them special even after the mass production.

The most stylish, rich and posh outfit was always a wedding gown. The best fabric, rich embroidery, the best material and workmanship were always used for wedding gowns. In a lot of culture, the wedding dress was created with the components which were conveyed through generations and with the years’ worth of efforts. The legacy transferred from the mothers to their daughters was the parts of the wedding gown.