When we look at the bride

When we look at the bride

We as MK Moda chatted with the first name that comes to minds in Turkey when we speak of make-up, educator and make-up artist Oya Tolga.

When we look at the bride

We as MK Moda chatted with the first name that comes to minds in Turkey when we speak of make-up, educator and make-up artist Oya Tolga. Ms. Oya, having half a century’s experience, shared her valuable knowledge in the area of bridal make-up with us.

– We know that the brides are beautiful, but it must be hard for them not to become similar trying to show off their beauty with make-up while following the fashion.
– Every face has a very distinctive anatomic structure and these features are what make everyone so unique. Unfortunately, the consumption mechanisms we are under the influence of today, by producing trends under the mask of fashion and role models representing these trends, impose a certain meaning that they themselves decided to the concept of beauty and as a result, people prefer to leave the features making them special and unique and go after the stereotypes being imposed on them. As long as our people do not develop awareness about this topic, our chances of seeing beautiful brides will decrease day by day.

Summer bride, winter bride and their colors… Skillful hands bringing what experienced eyes see into view, professional touches. Regardless of them being fashionable, they are the candidates which will create the fashion.
-What I’m more interested in is the bride’s own soul and her anatomy expressing it, because the source of the materials which will make her beauty pop is hidden in the bride herself and it is my very duty to light up these hidden parts correctly with my techniques. Of course, it is possible to use the seasonal colors when you arrive at the coloring stage after applying a base suitable for the face’s structure and highlighting it. Besides, since these trends are determined by the people competent at their jobs, the choices made are already in accordance with the season’s conditions. For example, in the 2018 winter collections fashion world preferred colors commonly used in winter make up like dynamic red, vibrant bright light pink, light brown with a hint of pink (butterum), neutral grays and vibrant navy blue. However, highlighting the natural beauty of the bride might not be always possible with the colors determined by fashion trends. It’s a big world; there are different languages, religions and races. Brides and wedding ceremonies exist in every tradition, everyone wants to be unique and every region has its own concept of beauty and its secrets.

Applications of bride’s make up seem very natural and modest, but of course, this does not mean that it is simple. On the contrary, I, for example, really overdo it but I do it so that the girl’s natural beauty stands out. You cannot even understand if she has make up or not, instead the girl’s well-lighted smooth beauty impresses us. My standard of bridal make up is making people say “What a beautiful bride!” If people refer the makeup as beautiful, than this means that the makeup couldn’t achieve its purpose and it’s a fail. The main purpose of the bridal makeup is to emphasize the bride’s beauty; the makeup should be left in the background as a tool serving this purpose.

This view I have while representing the West’s aesthetic, prevails in the several other cultures and in Turkey as a way of living. There are some other makeup styles that are created by the culture like Arabic style where the makeup is in the spotlight and Japanese style which reminds us of dolls. Even though they are contradictory with my views, these types of makeup need to be evaluated by the culture and the anatomical requirements of the ethnical group they belong to. I think, for example, the exaggerated eye makeup of Arabic brides really suits the typology of the women of that region, but if you apply the same makeup to a Chinese bride, it would be a disaster.

And the thrill starts as the wedding day is decided. What about the bride’s skin, does it have the natural brightness and the glow?

– Before the wedding would be too late, young girls should always care for their skin. For a healthy skin, try to avoid sun and solarium because they make your skin wrinkled and dry, causing it to lose its moisture. If you have dead cells and the products you have are insufficient to solve this problem, you should go to a beautician and get peeling done. You should do this one week before the wedding.

And the makeup artist meets with the bride.
-Experience is not limited to techniques; psychology also interferes with this special mood. If I have the chance to meet with the bride early enough, with the help of my 50 years’ experience I can say that I kind of give a consultation service in every details about wedding ranging from wedding dress and hair style choice to skin care. It is essential to pay attention to the harmony among the veil, makeup and the dress because they are parts of a whole. The relation between the dress and makeup is like the one among the parts of a puzzle.
-What other parts are in this puzzle?
This relationship is very important. However, not only the one with the dress but also the one with the hair style and even the groom’s should be taken into consideration. The makeup’s aim is to make the dress and the hair style suit the bride’s face, but even only this aim requires paying attention to so much detail. To not to leave it to luck, I suggest holding a rehearsal with the veil and the accessories before at least 1-2 days. If you are using a veil, it would be better to make a hair bun, but you should also take the groom’s height into consideration while doing it. Even when the groom is taller, he can seem short to eyes because of your bun at the top and the veil. Hair care and the choice of color are also very important.

Let’s learn the secrets of making makeup stay till the end of the wedding from the professional.
– Choosing the correct and professional cosmetics is the key. Leave the wedding aside, your makeup can stay for 3-4 days, all you have to do is applying fully transparent water colored powder with fixer.

– How can we spot your touches when we look at the bride?
– You can’t. If you can, that means I didn’t do my job right.

We thank Oya Tolga for this beautiful talk. You can find more information on her at her website: www.oyatolga.com